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This website is operated by the New Zealand People Party. The privacy policy explains how personal information is collected, used or exposed to a third party by NZPP in regard to your use of this website. This is to make sure you understand your rights with respect to our services and make informed decisions about the same.

We hold the rights to make any changes to the policy's provisions to ensure we keep you updated with the information that is necessary at any given time and to comply with all of our statutory legal requirements. For any changes made by us to this site, we will send you an alert indicating on the Policy, the changes and the date it was last updated. We highly recommend you to read this policy before availing our services to make sure you are known to how we keep your personal information and use it to your advantage.

What is Personal Information?

As the term specifies, personal information could be any data collected by us that serves as an identification for a human being, for instance, name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, mobile number, or credit card info about an individual. This however doesn't include 'statistical' information that we collect about the use of the sites or a group or category of services or users.

What Kinf Of Information Do We Collect?

1. Active data compilation – When processing our regular duties as a Party, we might ask you to submit your personal information in a number of ways. We collect information that you voluntarily provide to us, for instance, when you make an account with us, make a donation, make a purchase, send us an email or subscribe to our emails, fill out a form, connect with us through social media feed, host an event or sign up to become a volunteer or request for information.

This information might include personal information including your name, email address, phone number, mailing address, and credit card information, etc. We may even ask you to submit your personal and demographic information when creating a profile, posting blog or comments or any other form of content, participating in forms or features given on the site or sending an email to the other user. Additionally, the personal information may be required time to time from you when participating in surveys, and other activities given on the site.

Anyone aspiring to be a member or already a member shall need to pay a membership/subscription fee of $11.00 including GST per year in advance in case, they wish to either begin the membership or for the renewal of their membership. The amount or the due date of the subscription fee might be changed by the management anytime without any prior notice. Payments of the membership fee can be made within 30 days of its due date.

2. Passive data compilation – When you use the site, we might also collect certain information using 'cookies' automatically. Cookies are small data stored on your hard drive upon request of a website. Among several other things, cookies help improve our users' experience and the way we represent information on our site.

How Do We Use The Information Provided By You?

We use the collected information through our site for the purposes described in this Policy. For instance, we may use it -

  • To send you confirmations, alerts, updates and other administrative messages or information that would facilitate your use toward our website;
  • To provide the services, products, information on request, and to process and complete such requests and the other related transactions;
  • To help keep you in touch with other supporters, members, and solicit volunteers;
  • To send you newsletters and other information that we think might be of interest to you, along with other information about candidates, campaigns, issues, events and resources;
  • To contact you in case we want to send any other information that we think is necessary at any given time;
  • To obtain your response or contact you to receive feedback about your use of our site;
  • To respond back to the emails, questions, comments and submissions and to provide customer service;
  • To monitor the site's usage and trends, and to personalize and improve the site through your experience about the site's content, or features;
  • To come up with response to any other purpose for which the information was collected;

By providing your personal information to us, you agree to receive updates from the New Zealand People Party, parties involved in it and its elected representatives.

What Aspects of the personal information are disclosable to a third party?

We do not hold the rights to disclose any data provided by you to anyone else in any form, expect the information described in this Policy or as otherwise displayed on the site. Our party's staff is bound to disclose any personal data provided to us as we keep strict confidentiality agreements about not to disclose any personal data to a third party. However, in case, we need to disclose anything to a third party, we may share your information as follows: 

  • With candidates, or associated groups, communities, organizations or entities for the purpose of conducting the business of the People Party;
  • With consultants, vendors, and other service providers or volunteers who are working with us and those who need access to such information to perform their duties for us;
  • When you give your approval to do so, we publish it on our site or send you a notice about the information required from you along with the manner in which that information is going to be used;
  • To report the needed information;
  • When we deem it is urgent and appropriate to respond to claims or to protect the rights or for the safety of the New Zealand People Party and its users;
  • In order to implement our Policy, Terms of Use, and Agreement; 

We can't be held liable for the actions of any service providers or the third parties, nor for any information disclosed by you to a third party. We highly encourage you to read the privacy policy carefully before disclosing your personal information to a third party.

What choices do you have regarding the use od information?

You may choose to unsubscribe to text messages, newsletters or emails following the instructions given in those messages or emails. Please note that we may still send you some other types of emails including the emails that are sent to you for information sharing and for some other different causes, as described in the Policy. Under principle six of the Privacy act, you can have access to any information you have given to us, for possible corrections or other possible reasons.

Have Questions?

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