Does Auckland Welcome Immigrants?

The NZ People's Party commissioned a poll to be undertaken by SSI research to obtain information relating to attitudes an opinion towards immigration and immigrants to the city. In total 762 Aucklanders were surveyed across multiple age groups and ethnicities. The results show clearly that although there is a positive attitude towards immigrants there is much work to be done to bridge our many different cultures to increase this. Real representation New Zealand's Parliament is one way that the party believes this can change and it would seem that that is also the opinion of the People of Auckland.


According to the survey, the major reason for migrants not being represented well in the Parliament is that established parties or voters don't recognize migrant needs. Another reason was found to be that there isn't enough high calibre candidates. While a few of them thought that the relatively small percentage of the immigrants could be a reason.

While in response to another question being asked about how well do people think migrants are represented well in the parliament – 33% said they aren't represented well, while 32% voters said 'adequately' and 19% gave the answer as 'don't know', and 10% said 'very poorly'. Only 6% of the total voters said that they are represented very well in the Parliament. In another poll, more than 45% said that they feel the immigrants have made a positive difference in the country.