National Party Admit Immigration Policy Disaster For Economy

This morning Bill English admitted that the Government’s upcoming changes to the immigration law are bad for the economy. This is a vindication for the hard working New Zealand migrant community whom are constantly kicked around by politicians, the New Zealand People’s Party said today. 

It is no coincidence that the National led Government back tracking on their anti immigrant policies comes at a time when inflation has dropped to zero.

“The National Party aren’t interested in people, they are only interested in farmers. If farmers say they need something they do it. They don’t care about all New Zealanders” explained New Zealand People’s Party Leader Roshan Nauhria.

“They are back tracking on their policy only because the farmers and their lobby groups asked for it. This policy turn around wasn’t made for the benefit of New Zealand, it was done to benefit their vested interests.

“This shows that there is a massive skill shortage, we need to train people in those areas. Areas that help New Zealand grow. And we need to give them visas that allow them to obtain these skills. It’s not a question of time or salary, it’s a skill. If it takes 4 years to train an engineer they should get a 4 year work permit. If it take 3 years to train a truck driver they should get a 3 year work permit.

“New Zealand People’s Party will be fair to all New Zealanders. We want to work for every New Zealander, not just the farmer lobby or the unions. We are committed to making fair immigration rules that work and benefit everyone. Bring visa and residence processing back to New Zealand so it is New Zealanders who decide who gets to be a New Zealander. And create a work permit system that benefits all New Zealanders, employers and workers” said Mr Nauhria.