People's Hope – The Establishment of NZPP

The Establishment of the NZ People's Party, led by Roshan Nauhira, will be of great benefit to Asian migrants who are living and working in New Zealand.

The new party, which is focused on Asian ethnic groups including Chinese and Indian, aims to strengthen public security, combat crime and fight for equal rights for all people, and eliminate discrimination against migrants – this is its founding purpose and philosophy and also the political program put forward based on the social reality of New Zealand. The aim fully reflects the urgent aspirations and strong voices of all the people, including the Asian people.


China and India are ancient civilizations whose people are hardworking and intelligent, and have a strong cultural history. Migrants have developed the spirit of diligence, and through tremendous effort have made great contributions to enriching New Zealand's multiculturalism and to prospering New Zealand's social economy.

Unfortunately, Asians are often subject to certain political and racial discrimination and criminal attack due to their appearance, cultural identity and physical characteristics. There have been too many cases where Asian New Zealanders were insulted and abused, beaten and robbed, hurt, and even lost their lives. Many cases of these chases could not be solved in time due to lack of police interest and the relatively lenient law. Even in cases where the offender is caught, their penalty is often reduced or they are soon released – as these criminals learn they have nothing to fear, they continue to commit these crimes. Now with the establishment of NZ People's Party, the Asian people will have their own spokesperson to plead their own case to the mainstream society in a timely manner, which is conducive to the settlement of the problem.

It is important to point out that, according to media reports, juveniles account for a large proportion of crime. The reason these young people commit crimes could sometimes be attributed to their families – in some cases, they do not teach their children, some do not report, help to cover it up or even profit from the crimes. To solve the social problem of juvenile crime, I suggest that other than modifying the existing laws, we would also need to address the root of the problem – the family – such as with the enactment of the Family Code, which states the responsibility of guardians to their minor children; to open legal courses in school letting young people learn to understand the law, enhance their legal awareness, thereby reducing crime. These methods will be tackling the problem from the root.

New Zealand's social order will be greatly improved if we do so. The majority of young people will be able to enjoy life in New Zealand as other ethnic groups.

Tougher Law For a Safer Community

The NZPP focuses on developing a safe and secure environment for every New Zealander -

  • Bringing tough law against crimes such as drug offending, domestic violence, and exploitation of students, robbery, burglary, manslaughter, assault, elder abuse and extortion.
  • Continually reviewing the legal/corrections system to ensure criminals have strong deterrent punishment and the victims have full government support for rehabilitation, compensation, and ongoing support for their families.
  • Developing a stronger and growing economy through better policies that support innovation and reduce unemployment rate. Create immigration rules and policies so as to allow international students, migrants and refugees to settle sooner into a comfortable life in their chosen home country of Aotearoa New Zealand with their family.
  • Ensure the New Zealand Education system and law provides everyone with an equal opportunity to gain education. The New Zealand's curriculum should be designed to provide students with the relevant knowledge and life skills to lead a better life and make the right choices for their career.
  • Full support needs to be given to the schools, universities and their staff to ensure each and every individual is motivated to learn and well placed to contribute to the growing New Zealand economy.
  • Provide better and engaging health facilities to young and old that cater to the needs of all New Zealanders.

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