We Dream Of A Safer, Friendlier New Zealand.

As an island nation located at the bottom of the South Pacific Ocean, to call New Zealand home first you must embark on a great journey. And while it isn't without risk and plenty of hard work, the opportunity that awaits in this slice of paradise has enticed many. The thousands of immigrants that have chosen to embark on this adventure have all made great contributions to both the culture and economy.

Politics can be confusing and intimidating to many, and that this has been a barrier to many in our immigrant communities participating in New Zealand’s democracy. Giving all New Zealander’s an equal opportunity to participate in the governance of the country is akin to giving them an opportunity to participate in the success of the country.

We believe the values of the New Zealand People’s Party are values shared by all New Zealanders, from all backgrounds, from all walks of life. We want strong prosperous country that protects the security and safety of everyone while looking after those most vulnerable. Helping our younger generations have the best education we can provide and leaving them an environment in which they can flourish and grow. Every New Zealander is entitled to live in a warm, dry, healthy home.

Let's Empower the Nation and the People Around Us.

New Zealand People’s Party is an open and transparent political party. We want to be the true voice of this multi-cultural, diverse nation. Connect local communities, and engage the leaders of ethnic and cultural backgrounds in the democratic process. Devise innovative solutions for the betterment of the society.

With your support we can take tangible steps to provide the society with safer neighbourhoods, reunite families and equal growth opportunities for all. Our mission is to create a better New Zealand and we can only succeed in that if we have your support.

So Are You Ready To Back It Up With Us?

Change can't happen without your support, you are critical to us achieving our goals. Join the party and help us shape our policy and influence change. We always need volunteers, you can help us engage with your community and understand its needs. The New Zealand People’s Party relies on your support to get things done, political parties in New Zealand are not government funded. Any donation you can make will go a long way to helping us make a better, safer New Zealand.

We gladly welcome you to come ahead and join hands in creating a more equitable New Zealand.

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Equal opportunities, better healthcare and safer communities

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