What we do

New Zealand as a country was founded on the idea of equality for all, and it is this very idea that the members of the New Zealand People's Party are determined to see reflected in our country's Parliament.

We exist as a political party to fight for equality to be included in the political realm. We believe that the party can offer balance, insight and leadership to all New Zealanders. Equality is not a special privilege that enforces the status quo but celebrates the diversity amongst all New Zealanders. In our mission, we hope to change the way New Zealand views Mt Roskill, and how Mt Roskill sees New Zealand.

New Zealand is a land that rewards three things: hard work, a love for community and a selfless attitude. These are exactly the values of New Zealand People’s Party stands for.
— Steven, Vice President


  • Party Launch with over 300 attendees at Fickling Events Centre